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Science & Technology

A scientist and a civic-minded activist, Representative Franklin called upon his scientific intuition and skills to address broad societal questions at the time the US was founded. From lightning rods to bifocal glasses, Representative Franklin believes that “As we benefit from the inventions of others, we should be glad to share our own…freely and gladly.”


Government is aptly compared to architecture; if the superstructure is too heavy for the foundation the building totters, though assisted by outward props of art. But leaving it to everybody to mould the similitude according to his particular fancy, I shall only observe that the people have made the most considerable part of the legislature in every free state; which has been more or less so in proportion to the share they have had in the administration of affairs. The English constitution is fixed on the strongest basis; we choose whomsoever we please for our representatives, and thus we have all the advantages of a democracy without any of its inconveniences.


Since Representative Franklin did not have the monetary means to be formally educated, he searched for truth and knowledge on his own. He believes in the power of knowledge, and he does his best to spread that knowledge and help others obtain it themselves, as he did. From building public libraries to local universities, Representative Franklin is doing everything he can to promote education and make knowledge accessible to the public.

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