Meet My Team

Humanize your office.

Help constituents better understand your efforts with Indigov’s dynamic profile cards. You can use these to:

  • Feature your DC and District teams. You can feature a team member on each card and a short description of what they do.
  • Highlight constituent stories. You can give a short description of the constituent’s issue and how your office helped them find a resolution.

John Adams

Founding Father

Samuel Adams

Founding Father

Susan B. Anthony

Women's Rights Activist

W.E.B. Du Bois

Scholar Activist

Alexander Hamilton

Founding Father

John Hancock

Founding Father

John Jay

Founding Father

Thomas Jefferson

Founding Father

James Madison

Founding Father

Betsy Ross


Harriet Tubman

Abolitionist and Activist

George Washington

Founding Father

“Thank you for your team's tireless work to fight for our country's liberty and freedom!”

— William, Philadelphia, PA